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The MCMadeiras have as main activity the import and export of timber, as well as their derivatives, providing its clients a huge variety of wood on pallets, toro, floors, doors, ceilings, as well as the development of timber houses.

The MCMadeiras mission is to provide its customers woods and derivatives ensuring a comprehensive and high-quality supply, establishing a professional relationship and trust with all its Business Partners.

The company aims to be a benchmark in the timber market and its derivatives, being a coherent, solid, capable supplier, providing a first choice in the purchase of wood.

Currently the team is spread over three sectors, transport and storage, billing and accounting, and management and business management. The whole team is coordinated by its managing partner ensuring fast resolution and customer satisfaction.

The MCMadeiras has itself for transporting large loads from suppliers to its fleet yard, as well as for delivery of large quantities of customers, by agreement with the managing partner, thus ensuring a more complete and flexible service for the customer.

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Contacts and Localization


Av. António Gomes Pereira, 4705-630 Tebosa, Braga

916 289 602

253 286 299

N: 41°29'20.0" W: 8°28'20.1"

8h30m - 12h00m | 13h30m - 19h00m | Sáb. 8h30m - 12h00m


Rua Gualdim Pais, nº 35, 5400-298, Chaves

912 217 877

276 098 520

N: 41°29'20.0" W: 8°28'20.1"

8h30m - 12h00m | 13h30m - 19h00m | Sáb. 8h30m - 12h00m

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